Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Penguin of the week. Snow P123

This was on the blog.

Hi Penguins,
Snow P123 was nominated by their friend, Jo34512!
Here is their comment:
"Hey Megg!! I would LOVE to nominate Snow P123!! She is SOO nice to every penguin she meets! She always throws the best parties in her igloo and has an amazing taste in style. She truly understands the meaning of club penguin and is the perfect penguin for penguin of the week"
Congrats Snow P123, and great igloo!
Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Winners receive 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Congratulations I think that it's great that you are always nice to people. I hate when people are mean and dont even care!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Inside Out Party Core Memory Quest Help

If you are really stuck on the Inside out party core memory quest (like I was) then this post is for you!

So you will log in at the dock. Gary the Gadget Guy will chat to you for a bit.. then you will go inside Rockhopper's mind! Cool! When you get in Joy emotion will talk to you and say that all five core memories are missing. You can find them in any order.

The Sadness blue Core Memory is located in 'Dream Productions'. I have already found it so I will just show you where it was. 
Next the Fear purple memory is located in the 'Subconscious'. It's pretty tricky to find on the map, I couldn't find it so I will show you. I can't remember exactly where in the room the orb was but it was pretty easy to find, it's purple with a spiral in the middle.
The Joy yellow Core Memory is in Imagination land. It is located in the big skulls right eye.
The Anger red Memory is on loot island by the big line of pearls. Now will somebody stop just standing there and get me out of this cage?!?!

...and last but not least is the Disgust Green memory!! It is in the big cheese on the food island. I need to hold my nose to get it. Eww!! I think I need a dip in the Cream Soda pool after that!
Well now you have all of them and you Helped Rockhopper find his memories!! As a reward you get a background with all the emotions.

So have any of you seen Inside Out? I have and Its my favourite movie! What was your favourite part. Mine was When Joy said to sadness "Think Posititive!" and sadness says "ok. I'm POSITIVE you will get lost."
Post in the comments!

Hello all!

Hello my username on cp is Ethan80561 and I love cp. I have played since 2010 and I write a blog about it. Please enjoy my blog, i think you will(: